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“SAGA Atash” LLC, founded in 2001, currently is by far the leading and most progressive private ship repair company in the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea. Over the years of activity, the company has managed to build effective and trusting relationships with customers, an important component of which is the openness and accessibility of information. The customer has the opportunity to directly monitor the progress of the project, regularly receive information on the stage of work and fully monitor the temporary aspects of the current contract. The company regularly tracks the level of customer satisfaction, takes into account changes in their needs. As a result, the company did not receive any claims or complaints.
The company is fully equipped with the technical means necessary to perform all types of work, which are carried out in shipbuilding and ship repair - by means of small-scale mechanization, specialized equipment, power units, processing machines, mounting devices and tools. And yet, the company considers its main property as a cohesive team of highly qualified specialists. Most of the engineers and technicians of the LLC have considerable experience in many different areas of production. Today's market places high demands on the qualification of marine assemblers (shipbuilders) and marine welders.
Therefore, the company pays special attention to improving the skills of marine specialties and annually allocates substantial sums for training and improving the qualifications of its employees.
To transfer knowledge and skills to young professionals, a mentoring system operates here Continuous improvement of the quality of services provided, improvement of business processes, provision of permanent employment of personnel and decent wages are the priority of the organization. The plans are to achieve the creation of our own specialized universal construction site with developed technical capabilities for ship lifting, large-capacity shipbuilding and the creation of stationary offshore structures. Thus, the company promotes the creation of a competitive ship-repair complex of the country that meets international requirements.
The company's management pays great attention to safety and labor protection of its employees, as well as to the protection of the environment. The company carries out activities aimed at meeting the requirements of ecological legislation to comply with standards and regulations in the field of environmental protection, rational use of natural resources.
The company takes an active social position, participates in public works, charitable actions, renders feasible sponsorship to the fund for supporting low-income families.



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